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"With my SUAD™ Device, I can sleep throughout the whole night, comfortably and soundlessly. I forgot to use my SUAD™ Device once and I woke up feeling absolutely horrible! It is amazing what such a small appliance can do. It works wonders!"

Sue M.

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What Causes Snoring?

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

You snore when the flow of air from your mouth or nose to your lungs makes the tissues of the airway vibrate. This usually is caused by a blockage, obstruction or narrowing in the nose, mouth, or throat.

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What Causes Snoring

When you fall asleep, the soft tissue and muscles in your mouth and throat relax, causing your airway to shrink.If the airway becomes too small the soft palate and uvula begin to vibrate with each inhale and exhale.  These vibrations are the cause of snoring and many sleepless nights.  Here again, Dr. Streit can provide solutions to snoring and sleep related disorders.  Please contact Dr. Streit and schedule your personalized sleep consultation.


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Make an appointment online or call (425) 771-3266 today and ask about Oral Appliances for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea that are safe, effective and easy to use.  Dr. Streit and the team at Seattle Sleep Medicine are recognized experts on providing Oral Appliance alternatives to CPAP.  Oral Appliances are effective and can help save lives.

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