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"I never thought that it would be possible for an appliance that is so small to work so effectively. With The SUAD™ Device I can sleep soundlessly throughout the entire night and I wake up feeling refreshed and energized!"

Jon S.

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Oral Appliance Selection

Seattle Sleep Medicine is unique in offering a variety of oral appliances to better meet your individual needs, helping you achieve a restful, quiet sleep. Dr. Streit has years of hands on experience in treating snoring and sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy. He will provide education about your problem, and present you with possible solutions.


Individual factors that Dr. Streit will consider in suggesting a specific oral appliance:

  • Severity of sleep apnea
  • Patient's bite
  • Jaw structure
  • Size of tongue and soft palate
  • Teeth clinching or grinding
  • Health of teeth and gums
  • Jaw range of motion

Dr. Streit has a variety of sleep apnea appliances from which to choose, depending on your particular needs. Following are examples of some of the appliances Dr. Streit may choose from:

Narval CC

Narval CC is a customized device with an innovative design that uses advanced computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM) technology.


This device can be adjusted by the patient or Dr. Streit while in the mouth. Most patients experience immediate results, with relief the very first night. The TAP3 is easy to tolerate. Nine in ten patients wear the device all night, every night.


The SUAD device consists of acrylic, reinforced by a metal framework. The position is adjusted by a piston on the cheek side of the mouth. This device allows the jaw freedom of movement. Therefore, it is frequently used for patients who tend to grind their teeth.


This is an oral appliance often used for patients with simple snoring as well as mild to moderate sleep apnea. It may be beneficial for patients with a narrow arch and provides a little more room for the tongue.


The Respire Blue Series places the jaw in a position that maintains an open airway by preventing the lower jaw from falling back and collapsing the airway.

Make an appointment

Make an appointment online or call (425) 771-3266 today and ask about Oral Appliances for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea that are safe, effective and easy to use.  Dr. Streit and the team at Seattle Sleep Medicine are recognized experts on providing Oral Appliance alternatives to CPAP.  Oral Appliances are effective and can help save lives.

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