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"The SUAD™ Device is definitely my treatment of choice for my sleep apnea. As a severe apnic patient, my doctor had initially recommended CPAP. I could not bear wearing the face mask and would find myself inadvertently removing it while I was sleeping. When I told my dentist about my poor sleeping habits, he had suggested I try a dental appliance and suggested The SUAD™ Device. I decided to try it and it was the best decision I made. I sleep comfortably, in any position I want, and with the device in my mouth all night. I no longer snore or gasp for breath during the night and I wake up feeling great and ready to begin my day!"

Bill D.

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I Hate CPAP Blog

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    Patient describes 5 years of sleep apnea treatment with oral appliance. He initially used the CPAP machine but found it made him uncomfortable. Both him and his wife are able to get restful sleep. WATCH THE VIDEO: to learn how we can use neuromuscular dental techniques to help with your sleep apnea[…]

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