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"With my SUAD™ Device, I can sleep throughout the whole night, comfortably and soundlessly. I forgot to use my SUAD™ Device once and I woke up feeling absolutely horrible! It is amazing what such a small appliance can do. It works wonders!"

Sue M.

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I Hate CPAP Blog


    Patient describes 5 years of sleep apnea treatment with oral appliance. He initially used the CPAP machine but found it made him uncomfortable. Both him and his wife are able to get restful sleep. WATCH THE VIDEO: to learn how we can use neuromuscular dental techniques to help with your sleep apnea[…]

  • "I used to fall asleep driving!" Oral Appliance Therapy to treat sleep apnea has changed my life!

    Lake Forest Sleep Apnea Treatment:Sleep Apnea patient describes how wearing a sleep apnea appliance for the last 6-7 years has drastically improved his sleep and his health. www.ThinkBetterLife.comWatch the video: recommends people with snoring or sleep apne a to have it treated and tells of his experiences with Dr[…]

  • Oral appliance treatment amazing according to sleep apnea patient

    Mike describes how he was diagnosed with sleep apnea. He was less than thrilled with diagnosis and definitely did not want CPAP. He travels a lot and CPAP would be a problem. Besidesmhe definitely did not want CPAP and wanted a Comfortable CPAP Alternative. He cam to see Dr Shapira and[…]

  • Physician Did Not Want To Wear CPAP. Oral Appliance Working Well For Several Years

    Physician Did Not Want To Wear CPAP. Oral Appliance Working Well For Several Years See The Video: Apnea Treatment:  Oral Appliance Testimonial Tap Appliance and now Micro O2 applianceBill has worn the TAP 1 appliance for several years and loved it.His od appliance is working great and is worn on a[…]

  • Headaches, TMJ and Neuromuscular Dentistry: TMJ Testimonial Videos

    The neuromuscular approach to treating TMJ Disorders is extremely effective because the use of ULF-TENS relaxes the muscles at the start of treatment and periodically throughout treatment.Many dentists feel that Neuromuscular Dentistry is cheating because using the TENS to create healthy muscles makes it much easier to treat patients. wThe[…]

  • Chicago: Sleep Apnea Patients Love Oral Appliance Therapy

    Video Testimonials are an excellent way to understand what an Oral Appliance can do for you.These are just a few of the happy patients now using oral appliances instead of CPAP.Hear them explain how their lives have been improved treating difficult sleep apnea with a comfortable oral appliance instead of[…]

  • WALL STREET NEWS.... Sleep Apnea Treatment: CPAP and Oral Appliances are Equivalent

     Symbol LookupWednesday, April 13th 2016 5:10pm ET - U.S. markets closed.Nasdaq     +75.334947.42+1.55% NYSE     +0.0010359.51+0.00 AMEX     -0.722280.02-0.03% S&P 500     +20.702082.42+1.00%Sleep Apnea Treatment: CPAP and Oral Appliances are Equivalent According to Outcome Studies. Patients Prefer Comfortable Oral Appliance to CPAP Chicago Dentist Leader in Oral Appliance TherapyOral Appliances are preferred over by 95% of patients with Sleep Apnea yet[…]

  • Oral Appliance Therapy in Sleep Apnea Patients Improve Cognitive and Psychomotor Performance

    This new study in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine shows improvement in cognitive function in patients with sleep apnea. Other recent outcome studies have shown improvement in Blood Pressure and Cardiac Function.Review these abstracts and you will understand why more and more sleep physicians consider oral appliances to be[…]


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