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"After years of unsuccessful attempts at using the CPAP machine, I recently got fitted for The SUAD™ Device. It has changed my life!!! I find it unbelievable when my husband tells me that I did not snore at all, thanks to this device. I feel alive again. I don't wake up in a "fog". I can think straight from the minute I wake up. I had no idea what the impact of sleep deprivation was until the deprivation was corrected with The SUAD™ Device. I have the energy to get through the day now. No more mid-day naps for me!"

Rebecca M.

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Dr. Joe Albert

Dr. Joe Albert

Recognized Sleep Disorder Dentist

Recognized as one of the Northwest's leading qualified sleep disorder dentists, Dr Albert works closely with physicians and other health professionals to ensure the best solutions for patients.

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Joe Albert, DDS

Dr. Albert has a passion for providing oral appliances to patients. Each day, he sees firsthand the life-changing results from correcting sleep disorders. Dr. Albert also realizes the importance of good relationships with patients' physicians and other sleep professionals. He is proud of his network of referring physicians and health professionals and works closely with them to insure the best patient care available.


pic-dralbertRecognized for his expertise in advanced dentistry, Dr. Albert specializes in a wide range of cosmetic and restorative dental procedures, as well as Oral Appliance Sleep Medicine. As a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, he keeps current on the treatment for obstructive Sleep Apnea. He has also attended dental sleep medicine seminars presented by Dr. Keith Thornton, Dr. Richard Moore and Sleep Group Solutions, as well as receiving in-office training with Dr. Brian Allman, Dr. Jonathan Parker and Dr. Robert Rogers.

Dr. Albert has been practicing comprehensive cosmetic and general dental care for over 30 years. He is a 1980 graduate of University of Washington School of Dentistry.

Watch Dr. Albert discuss sleep apnea and oral appliance therapy with a patient.

Professional Affiliations include:

National Sleep Foundation

American Sleep Apnea Association

American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine

American Academy of Sleep Medicine

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry - sustaining member

American Dental Association

Crown Council

Snohomish County Dental Society

Washington State Dental Association - Outreach Program

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Make an appointment online or call (425) 771-3266 today and ask about Oral Appliances for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea that are safe, effective and easy to use.  Dr. Albert and the team at Seattle Sleep Medicine are recognized experts on providing Oral Appliance alternatives to CPAP.  Oral Appliances are effective and can help save lives.